TECHXTURE is merging seamlessly technology and textures to generate extraordinary design objects. A product design brand that blurs the boundary line among art, design, technology, and user experiences.

TECHXTURE comes out of the habit to overcome limits. Our designers brought
innovative shapes and functions in a very surprising way to amazing materials.
Our workmanship and creative mastery brought those pieces to light and to our
customers – used to expect the best and the highest quality from our company.
It´s also the merge of special materials on the generative design field which really proud of us. We will “techxture” the world with creativity,
innovation and emotion.”
Rui Areis (CEO)

From left to right: Ernesto Henriques Site Manager | Sónia Rodrigues Creative Director | Pedro MartinsDesigner | Inês Cesteiro Creative Director | Le Brimet Creative Director | Miguel Areias Sales Manager | Rui Areias CEO.

The perfection of objects is based on the constant search for balance between
form/function, drawing, ergonomy, and tectonics. TECHXTURE does not aim for
perfection but values the creative process to achieve it, as a result of design research to explore materials such as marble, engineering stone, ceramics and recycled glass, reinterpreted according to new design technologies and digital manufacturing.
Diving into a new range of materials with different properties that foster new forms and design concepts, we are working on between differents scales and functions, focus on “techxturization”, experimentation and innovation. The brand is designed to be intelligent but not pretentious, minimalist but not simplistic, sophisticated but not elitist, technological but not impersonal, experimental but not inconsequential. Honest and Infinitely challenging.


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