The borders among art, design, and technology
are now blurry
And that´s the beginning of our story.
We are texturing technology through emotional design.
Textures appeal to our senses
Touch and Feel the nature of things.
Technology is a cornerstone to bring out innovation
Hardware, Software, Humanware.
Be aware,
it´s everything connected
As a creative NODE.
We FOLDed the blank sheet
To make something new
Emotion is not a cliché. Is a keyword
It´s engagement.
We will surprise you.
VOXEL is a strange name for a product.
We know that.
OFFSET is not better. TXT is abstract.
But read about it. Go deeper.
One LAYER, double LAYER, triple layer
So many layers to fill out.
Yes, we are making design, good design.
Design with sense and essence
Design made by creative people
With love and passion, intense
We employ ceramics, marbles, quartz and recycled glass
in tangible design concepts,
Exploring creative brain(stone)ings
Merging technology and texture
Updating new forms and functions
Looking for emotional convergences
Morphing creativity and innovation.
Generating extraordinary objects
Full of noiXe effect.